Exports of an extensive range of vegetables from Brittany

Our range

We offer the export of an extensive range of vegetables grown by Brittany-based Prince de Bretagne producers. We can then add to these depending on requests.

Brassica crops

As Brittany is the n°1 region for Brassica production, we have a complete range available (cauliflower, Romanesco, Savoy cabbage, etc.) which can be custom-packed to order (wrapped in shrink-film or pre-prepared into florets etc.). Available all year round, in terms of volume and quality. Note that, in Brittany, broccoli is only grown in the summer and is therefore available from June to December.

cabbage apple cauliflower with multiple colors
cabbage broccoli
cauliflower Cauliflower florets
Cherry tomatoes


Prince de Bretagne greenhouse specialists grow a diversified range of tomatoes, including the classic round varieties, on the vine, cherry and plum tomatoes as well heirloom varieties.

Old-fashioned tomato package grape cherry tomatoes tomatoes in trays Le Dauphin


The artichoke is the symbolic vegetable of the Saint-Pol-de-Léon region and comes in a range of varieties: the traditional Globe artichokes Camus and Castel, the baby purple artichoke (loose heads or “the Poivrade” bunches) and the Cardinal.

Little purple pepper Cardinal artichoke
artichokes Le Dauphin
Le Dauphin Bulk Shallots
garlic Roscoff PDO onions lites

Allium crops

The shallot and Roscoff onion (PDO) are traditional crops of the Brittany region. They require special expertise in terms not only of growing but also of storage and preparation (plaiting, etc.). Other vegetables in this family are also available (including pink garlic and the échalion aka banana shallot).

Heirloom vegetables

Back in the limelight, the range of heirloom vegetables encompasses some twenty species, including crosnes (Chinese artichoke), Oca de Peru (New Zealand yam), chervil roots and the yellow turnips.

Parsnip parcel pumpkin le Dauphin sliced ​​radish vegetables Le Dauphin
Jerusalem artichoke
vitelotte potato


Our potato range features classics and new potatoes alike as well as speciality spuds (Vitelotte, Ratte or red-skin varieties for example).

Ratte potatoes Le Dauphin pommes de terre le Dauphin

Baby vegetables

The selection of varieties, a specific cultivation method and early harvests are the guiding principles behind the range of baby vegetables (mini cauliflower, carrots, fennel, etc.) that are proving popular particularly with chefs as well as consumers after high-end formats and flavours.

mini carrot
leek zucchini
Strawberry shii-také
fennel Rhubarb boots

Not to mention...

Courgette, shiitake mushroom, fennel, turnip, leeks… The range is extensive and is constantly being added to.

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logo organic certification

The Organically farmed certified range

Breton producers market a range of organic certified vegetables which is as extensive as the conventional range.
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The “Pesticide-free” range

Tomato, kuri squash, shallot, cauliflower, Romanesco and broccoli producers were the first in the region to set about developing a “Pesticide-free” range. This range grows every year.
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