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Our commitments

1. Premium quality vegetables

Brittany’s climate is ideal for growing vegetables under optimum conditions. Prince de Bretagne vegetables are subject to compliance with the brand’s specifications. We apply an additional systematic quality check for acceptance, carried out by our team of inspectors. Such strict selection is our hallmark and your guarantee of premium, fresh vegetables from Brittany.


2. An extensive range

Initially specialising in cauliflower, artichokes, Roscoff onions and new potatoes, producers have since branched out into other crop varieties. The range of Brittany-grown vegetables available today is therefore vast. We round off our offering with purchases from other areas or with other products based on our customers’ expectations.


3. In-depth, up-to-date procurement expertise

Operating in the heartlands of Brittany’s vegetable-growing region, directly attuned to the daily realities on the ground, we have our finger on the pulse of market trends. Thanks to our experience in procurement, we can optimise our purchases and their costs. We buy our vegetables at auction markets, as these react the best to production variations on a daily basis, as well as through cooperatives’ sales offices for more recent, diverse vegetable crops. Finally, weekly, monthly or annual procurements meet our customers’ expectations in terms of commitments.


4. Expert logistics management

We work with a transport network (of road hauliers, maritime and air carriers) with which we have forged trusted partnerships. Logistics are a fundamental pillar of our business. We are committed to taking our customers’ requirements on board and to strictly track our deliveries from dispatch to arrival. This is paramount for keeping our vegetables fresh.


5. Certified vegetables

We market Global G.A.P, Grasp, Planet Proof, Nurture and Organic certified vegetables. Not only that, but our workshop also has Organic and BRC certification. Our quality manager keeps track of the various certification developments and carries out regulatory monitoring. She also monitors product traceability.

See also: Our quality certificates.


6. A culture grounded in health & safety

Health & Safety are a primary concern for us. We share a corporate culture aimed at helping every team member to take the key issues on board, understand the protocols and personally commit to health & safety. Every year, an annual action plan focuses on communication and training for our teams as well as performance indicator monitoring.


7. A bespoke service

Our workshop can cater to the expectations of our customers and our specific markets through customised orders: preparing of cauliflower heads with the leaves removed, slightly trimmed or half trimmed to reveal more of the heart… Wrapped in shrink film … Cut into florets… Arranging pallets…
We study all requests in order to come up with customised, optimised solutions.


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